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About CloudEdge

Our mission is to guide your organization through its transition to the cloud in a smooth, professional, and seamless manner. Being one of Microsoft’s highest-certified companies worldwide, our full array of services will answer all your cloud needs.

Using strong expertise and solid qualifications, we provide our clients with a secure network shield and streamlined processes as well as cost-effective business continuity plans. Contact us for more information.


Why Us

Microsoft Certified

A top Microsoft-certified partner, specializing in Microsoft and cloud services, primarily, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Automation, DevOps, and more.

Microsoft Trusted Advisors

The Azure trusted advisors will provide you with actionable recommendations on improving reliability, security, operations, and performance while optimizing resources and costs.

Tailored Solutions

At the forefront of cloud services, CloudEdge provides you with top tailored cloud solutions. At your side from the get-go, we will design the best-fitting solution for your organization, accompanied by ongoing support and end-to-end quality services.

Take your cloud to the edge!

We are here to provide you with global cloud solutions that will elevate your organization to new heights.   



  • Our company is among other top Microsoft-certified companies worldwide.
  • We are part of a small elite group of Microsoft partners in Israel certified as an Advanced Specialization Partner and a Solution Partner.


Microsoft Solution Partner

As a certified Microsoft Solution Partner, Cloudedge provides its customers with the highest degree of customer care and implements its expertise to answer each customer’s specific need. While constantly collaborating with Microsoft, Cloudedge contributes to its clients by helping to evolve Microsoft technologies and professionally implementing its solutions.

Solutions Partner

We provide our customers with added value by offering 6 solution areas focused on the most common requirements in the market.




  • Data & AI Azure

We at CloudEdge support and help our customers manage their data, build strong analytics and provide them with relevant AI solutions. As a certified Microsoft Data & AI Azure Solutions Partner, CloudEdge has a proven commitment to training and accreditation, while delivering its customers with solutions that contribute to their success.

  • Digital & Apps Innovation Azure

Whether it is building new apps or enhancing the capabilities of existing apps, we make sure our customers enjoy optimized work processes and an innovative customer experience while adhering to the specific needs of each customer.

  • Infrastructure Azure

CloudEdge offers its customers an easy solution for migrating their infrastructure workloads onto Microsoft Azure to better manage and maximize cloud and on-premises investments.

  • Modern Work

CloudEdge strives to ensure the success of its customers by boosting their productivity and making the shift to hybrid work, using Microsoft 365. Let CloudEdge’s experts improve the productivity of your employees and work processes by easing communications and enhancing the security capabilities of your systems and data.

  • Security

Make sure the key elements of your organization (such as apps, data and infrastructure) are protected from potential cyber threats. We help our customers safeguard their entire organization using integrated security, compliance, and identity solutions.


Microsoft Advanced Partner

As an Advanced Partner, Cloudedge provides Microsoft customers with high-end professional standards in meeting their delivery and support needs.

Modernized Endpoint Specialization

CloudEdge is proud of becoming the first Israeli company and one of just four companies located in the Middle East and Africa, to have earned Microsoft’s Modernized Endpoint Specialization.

This specialization is granted to Microsoft Partners with a proven record of providing successful management and support solutions in the fields of Endpoint Management, including Windows365, Microsoft Intune and Azure Virtual Desktop, all with the goal of facilitating an easily managed hybrid workspace.

In light of the increase in hybrid work, there is a rising need for secure management of an organization’s resources operating across multiple devices, such as mobile, desktop and virtual devices. Modernization of endpoints ensures the security of operating systems by allowing for easy and efficient management of endpoints.

We at CloudEdge also provide our customers with a broad range of security services, including Microsoft’s advanced security solutions, such as Defender for Intune Tunnel Gateway, Endpoint and more, to ensure that your organization can provide its users with the best user experience in a secure and easy-to-manage manner.



Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure

Cloudedge uses its vast expertise and best DevOps practices to ensure a successful and professional shift and management of production web application services to Microsoft Azure.





  • Cloud Security:

Cloudedge provides its customers with an enhanced ability to implement comprehensive and professional security solutions in multi-cloud, hybrid, and Microsoft Azure environments.

  • Threat Protection:

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloudedge’s advanced specialization in threat protection provides its customers with the ability to validate their technical capabilities using Microsoft 365 or Azure Defender, Microsoft Cloud App Security, or Azure Sentinel workloads. To achieve this specialization, Cloudedge is required to adhere to strict demands that include performance criteria, successfully passing examinations and earning certificates and lastly, providing Microsoft with validated customer references.

  • Identity and Access Management:

by earning this accreditation, Cloudedge has met Microsoft’s highest standards of technical capabilities and service, including by providing its customers with high-end, professional unified access management solutions.


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