Managed Services



In recent years, computerized systems have become a critical component in business processes and activities.

A malfunction in these systems can have significant financial and other ramifications on the organization’s professional and commercial activity as well as its operations, and the way it is perceived by the world.

Our Disaster Recovery solution is adaptable to each organization’s specific data, apps, and system requirements.

Whether you are facing physical, virtual, hybrid or cloud challenges, our DR solutions guarantee synchronized external backups that will work fast during system failure or hyperactivity. We will provide you with fast, secure, and complete recovery, even upon a total physical loss of your servers.

Our pre-designed monitoring process defines in advance the process your computerized infrastructure will undergo in case of a malfunction that causes the activities to cease.

What do we offer:

  • Fast recovery – in case of loss of information, your system will recover quickly. Our automatic backups and replicas assure very fast recovery times that save you resources and money.
  • Fully adaptable - RTOs and RPOs adapt to the critical requirements of your organization.
  • Cost effective service – pay only for what you actually use. Our smart data management synchronizes your information with computerized data that requires little to no resources. Paying for the actual recovery environment assigned during the disaster minimizes your costs.