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Pro Active Support

Pro Active Support

We provide your organization with smart and advanced monitoring of your services in real time, based on the known and existing log analytics.

Nowadays, most existing systems create log analytics files when there is an event or when an action was taken. This situation leads to the existence of many solutions that are unidentified by other systems. These logs provide a broad view of the data collected from all of the systems, including 365.

We at CloudEdge, use Azure monitoring to ensure that you receive the smartest and most advanced incident reports, covering all of your environments such VMs, AKS, Office 365, On-Premises, application insights and more.

We will provide you with application information that monitors the availability, performances and use of your internet apps while supporting your DevOps processes, via insights on the environment, proactive reports, data on the model and alerts to incidents that occur.

What will you get:

  • Tailored monitoring scenarios.
  • A sophisticated dashboard that presents log file data from every REST client in a smart and convenient manner.