Microsoft Managed Security Solutions Provider Partner Program

The recent increase in remote work has created significant gaps in an organization’s ability to adapt to such changes, specifically concerning cyber security threats. In order to accommodate these changes in the working environment, organizations are required to adapt and implement new technologies and solutions to combat increasing cyber risk exposure and attacks. By using up-to-date comprehensive security tools, such as the Microsoft Security suite, organizations can easily leverage these tools to support a strong foundation against cyber threats and incidents.

How Can CloudEdge Help?

CloudEdge is one of few Israeli companies that have undergone the Microsoft Managed Security Solutions Provider Partner Program training, serving as one of Microsoft’s trusted security advisors. CloudEdge has been hand-picked by Microsoft as one of its global partners to facilitate its customer’s in using Microsoft’s security technologies and solutions.

CloudEdge offers its customers fully funded Microsoft workshops, with the goal of helping them enhance their cyber program and strategy. These workshops focus on endpoint protection, threat protection and prevention, and cloud security. For further information regarding the full outline of these workshops, check out the guide. 


What Can Organizations Do?

In light of the evolving cyber threat landscape, it is important to make sure that your organization implements an ongoing cyber security program that includes continuous monitoring, careful attention to detail, constant updating, and a mature Cybersecurity Risk Management Program.

To better their security posture, organizations turn to modern cloud platforms and AI-enabled solutions. The combination of these tools with Microsoft’s suite of security solutions enables unprecedented levels of cybersecurity capabilities and protection.

However, not all organizations know how to fully exploit all of Microsoft’s security capabilities. From overlapping solutions, and confusion about which tools were already purchased, to gaps in deployments and configurations and training of staff for implementing such security solutions – it is very easy to lose your way.

Our skilled and modern security operations center (SOC) can take your organization’s security posture to the next level. We can maximize your organization’s investment in security and make sure you take the maximum benefits from Microsoft’s E5 suite of products.

To this end, CloudEdge delivers several Microsoft-funded workshops, including Defense against Threats, Secure Multi-Cloud Environments Workshop and Microsoft Sentinel Workshop.

These workshops can help our customers enhance their cyber programs and strategy. To find out whether you are eligible for a Microsoft workshop, and to explore additionally offered workshops, contact CloudEdge today.