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CloudEdge has won the Israel 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year

The title “Microsoft’s Partner of the Year” is awarded annually to Microsoft’s leading business partner who has made a significant impact on the market and exhibited professionalism and excellence in both technological and service aspects, in each country Microsoft operates in.

This year, Microsoft has chosen CloudEdge as its Partner for 2022 in Israel, based on the meaningful projects CloudEdge has led among leading enterprises in finance, banking and insurance, as well as on the significant expansion of its activities in information security, using Microsoft’s leading suite of services.

CloudEdge specializes in assimilating Office 365, Azure and Cloud Security solutions for companies interested in migrating to the cloud. Over the past two years, while the entire market slowed down, the transition to hybrid and remote work has led to the natural unprecedented growth of cloud computing.

“CloudEdge promotes innovation and noncompromising professionalism in assimilating Microsoft’s technological solutions, specifically Azure, and is one of the leading companies worldwide with credentials in Microsoft’s world of information security solutions”, says Alon Haimovich, CEO of Microsoft Israel.

Nisim Caspi, CEO of CloudEdge thanked Alon for the kind words and further noted: “We thank Microsoft for an amazing year of true partnership and for their trust in us to manage significant projects, led by our two founding partners, Avihai Hajaj, CTO and Oshri Dahan, Leader 365”. In 2022, CloudEdge has doubled its revenues and is fulfilling its vision of leading the digital evolution using Microsoft’s technology in Israel.

Right to Left: Nissim Caspi, CEO of Cloudedge; Alon Chaimovich, CEO of Microsoft Israel; Avihai Hajaj, co-founder and CTO, Cloudedge; Oshri Dahan, co-founder and 365 Leader, Cloudedge. Photo: Eldad Ben Zvi

In early 2022, CloudEdge was purchased by Bezeq International, a leading communications and integration company, focused on the Israeli business market. This purchase will hopefully deepen the delivery abilities of Bezeq International, which currently specializes in cloud services, cyber protection and hybrid integration services.

Bezeq International is Microsoft’s tier2 CSP partner, providing cloud services to dozens of its Israeli partners. The purchase of CloudEdge will allow Bezeq International to expand its existing technological abilities and to provide its clients with support from a team of professional experts, certified by Microsoft.

According to Ron Gleb, VP of Business Division at Bezeq International, the changes to the global communications market have led to an increase in the demand for cloud services. Since Bezeq International provides managed services, its cooperation with Microsoft with regard to the public cloud is the natural next step. With the announcement of CloudEdge as Microsoft’s Partner of the year for 2022, Bezeq International expects an increase in the volume of its activity and strives to become, with CloudEdge’s tools and services, the leading integration body in cloud computing.

Right to Left: Ron Gelb, Deputy CEO of Business Solutions, Bezeq International; Dana Alexandrovich, Chief Marketing and Operations, Microsoft; Nissim Caspi, CEO of Cloudedge. Photography: Liron Moldovan

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