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CloudEdge MSSP Meets Microsoft Security

A New Era, A New Threat

The transition to remote work that occurred naturally over the past few years, following the global Covid-19 pandemic, has led to a new set of challenges and potential risks posed to organization’s cyber security. What was considered to be the “problem” of only some organizations that allow for remote access, has now become an issue that most organizations, regardless of their industry, face. In light of the increase in potential risks and cyberattacks due to an increase in remote work, organizations are now required to implement defence capabilities in order to protect their business against cyberattacks.


How Can Organizations Defend Themselves?

Much like cyber threats and attacks, cyber security is ever-evolving and ongoing. It is not enough to implement a one-time policy or procedure. In order to fully protect your organization against potential cyber threats and increase its security posture, it is critical to constantly monitor your organization’s environment, while introducing updated security solutions, including modern cloud and AI-powered solutions.


How Can CloudEdge Help?

We strive to help organizations detect, mitigate, and reduce cyberattacks and breaches that have the potential to severely disrupt their day-to-day operations. By implementing Microsoft’s security solutions as well as our deep expertise and experience in developing and managing cybersecurity programs, we can take your organization’s security posture to the next level. The following three workshops are designed to help you enhance your cyber program and strategy.

To find out whether you are eligible for a Microsoft workshop, and to explore additionally offered workshops, contact CloudEdge today.

CloudEdge's Managed Detection & Response (MDR) Solution

CloudEdge's MDR solution delivers globally managed security monitoring and response and leverages Azure Sentinel. Our team of professionals operating within our global SOC, provides our clients with continuous detection, protection, and response, thus reducing data breaches and lowering costs.