CloudEdge Privacy Policy

CloudEdge Ltd. (addressed as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) operates (addressed as “site”). On this page, we have listed our privacy policy concerning data gathering and using of the data, which the site accumulates from its visitors. All the visitors having a digital interaction with our site agree to the usage of the information gathered and provided to the site as per this policy. This privacy policy was last updated on February 11, 2022.


Data Usage and Collection

We may collect personal data (“personal data”) from our visitors digitally interacting with our site. This helps us to identify the visitors and provide relevant services as applicable to the visitor. This data may include the name of the visitor, email address, phone number etc.

As an example, when we are reached out by visitors through our “Contact Us” page on this site, we receive an email address, name, phone number along with relevant details shared by the visitor. All these details are saved with us briefly until the request is processed. We also use these data for promoting our client services and products. We provide visitors with the right to opt-out and they can let us know via our Contact Us page.

Please note that in connection with providing services to our customers, development of our web site and for our business operations, we may need to work with other organizations and individuals. Such third-party service providers could be allowed access to the user data as deemed necessary.

We generally use third-party services to support our site with maintenance activities and auxiliary services relevant to the site. To enable them to enhance and maintain the site, they may receive access to user data as per this Privacy Policy, for the purposes outlined above.

Besides personal data, we may also collect additional data via forms and non-identifiable data from our site visitors. This non-identifiable data can include the IP address of the visitor, pages interacted by the visitor, browsers, and user preferences of the visitor. This data is primarily useful for us to improve the user experience of this site and ensure the site works more efficiently with less latency across geographies. In addition, this data helps us to recognize our visitors so to help them with tailored marketing and online advertising campaigns.


Log Information

We primarily collect data that is shared by visitors' browsers when they digitally interact with our site. This can also be identified as log or log information. This may include the visitor’s workstation IP address, name and version of the browser, and other stats including but not restricted to time spent on pages, etc.


How We Use Cookies

Cookies are primarily small text files that are stored in a user’s web browser, while they digitally interact with a website. We use these cookies to ensure our site operates in the most effective way and to also help us conduct analytics via third parties to understand visitors’ interests, past usage and how to enhance their experience.

Visitors can organize their settings (in their web browser) to inform them when they receive a cookie. This also helps the visitor with an option to refuse the cookie. However, refusing/blocking cookies may impact the visitor experience and limit them from using certain functions in the site impacting the presentation of the site on their browser/device.


Protection of your data

We use several measures to ensure your data is secure, however, we realize no digital data transmission or storage over the internet is secure. For all the digital interactions between the visitor and our site, we do not guarantee 100% protection from illicit usage or access. By the way of interacting with our site, the visitors acknowledge this and accept possible security risks.


External Site Links

Our site may link to other web portals which are not operated by us. While having any digital interaction between our site and the visitor, if the visitor of our site clicks on a link, which would re-direct them to a third party web portal, we highly recommend going through their Privacy Policy, before visiting the links. Please note, we are not responsible for visitors’ experience on third-party web portals (which are provided and owned by a third party).


Alterations to Privacy Policy

We would update this policy periodically. To let you know when we make such changes, we amend the revision date at the top of this page.


For any queries, please feel free to Contact Us.